Picket Fences

Friday, February 10, 2006

Beautiful Ms B

Ms B is Beautiul....as beautiful as her convictions..I still do not know why I find women more attractive than men..more profound and expressive than men..but I do..Sincerely..glare and gloat and take in beauty in women....It's kind of stoically and enchanting, mysterious ,fresh..breath taking..and stupefying at times..This Ms B has intense eyes..her eye are like a large bottle of honey...you could swim in them..wide and soulful..her brows sit just right above these eyes and are animated while expressing ideas..her nose is sharp and has a little dot of a nose ring which sparkles in between the conversations..her lips small but creased at the ends, open up to a big smile with 32 teeth, generous and charming and warped in emotions..Her small head with hair is streaked in pink and beige sits right on the nape of her neck, MS B has the quality of an unearthinesss and childish exuberance which keeps me agile and I look at her animated features without batting an eyelid...I wonder what will happen to her..she is young in her 20's all pumped up with enthusiasm and fanatic obsessions...Somewhere I also see a heart..full of dreams...her eyes flicker when she talks about them..then again you are swimming in them..looking for answers...would she be able get rid of stereo types, would she be not able to make compromises..would she be able to be herself..would she be alone....I keep wondering..swimming in those deep brown eyes....set Fences: February 2006


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