Picket Fences

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


He was was browsing through cherries- deep reddish brown, well rounded...I stood next to him gazing at his delicate hands and fingers dippingin to the basket with critical prcision and dropping them with dissatisfaction; he was two years away from me, I have this fondness welling up inside, warm and crisp like that evening breez just after a light rain .. two of us in a subzi mandi right here in Jackson hights next to each other.. , It took my breath away as I dropped the karelas down in a wooshing moment , there, he would smell the sweet hint of my presence , he would just look up as if he found me , he would take cherries and rub them gently on my hair , their deep color running in his hands, he would come around and grab my mouth in an intense lock.... I trembled with all the hypothesis playing in my mind ,. He looked at the beingan and gobi- parellel to cherries , he pinched the bhendi and tripped on methi walked inside and bought palak then he left .. without as much as a hint of a rain drop...


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Vc said...

who what where and how are you ?

(Vc scratches his nose)... thank you for visiting my blog ( Vc bows )


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