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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Gym desi Ishtyle

After almost three years I stepped inside a Gym...I have been sitting on my ass and speculating world's problems..and chicken stew..and I never knew when i grew obese on chat papdi and sambhar.
The first day in Gym it took me twenty minutes to get used to the rhythm of the machine i went huff and puff on the handles. The climber went rolling...i peddled the bikes lifted few spirited weights..and headed to the dance gym...wow..there were few like me who had left their belly floating in midair...we took the step stools and the spanish music was on..one two ..three four..the lissome instructor with tight endowments..stood infront of me like a jet propelled to move..she started moving her legs to the music...her young and slim body swayed in calculated steps.. to my horror I noticed a wide mirror reflecting me...do I look like this?..Was it me or a bunch of sweet potatoes put together...? There stood a massive tall man oozing out in all directions...and all thses days I thought my little mirror at home was joking? are u kidding?
then the instructor said common! ..let's begin...! and there we went hop drop..hop -drp on the stool...the mirror showed various verstions of me in a lousy strech pant and a short top...tch..i tried to hide...and grew more conscious of what others are looking at..but then to my right i saw a fat man obliviouly enjoying the music and the beat..well he wasn't looking at the mirror... why should I ...so ..i went tippity tippity ta...one two three four...look at the jiggle..two three four- right..i could't help notice my bumpy thighs...two three four six-left!...I noticed my fat arms ya yah...one two three four..my body just wouldn't move faster..it's like I have a load of laundry on my knees...I started sweating profusely...the music began to blare in my head...i felt a gush of hot blood in my ears and neck...can't do it..can't do it.....the fat man is still going good...
A blanket of black overcame my senses...i fell flat on the ground...;looking at the Big fans..birthday balloons stuck on the ceilings....and ..i saw many strange faces around me...and hazed out..
when i woke up..I was still in the same room...this time everyone was fussing around me..."are u all right"
"what the heck..im okay"...so shall we start again...? and the dance class began..this time it was Soca....Soca has this fast beat and a nice mumbo speed ...very sensuous to my taste...but this time I am not looking at the mirror..
I love it the atmosphere is charged...a few of them are dancers themselves and are really kicking it up..im amazed at their moves...their spirit and their groove...even an old man at 60 ..is jiving to the lyrics...it was just like watching Greece 11 in a cinema hall...I have to let go..stop thinking about all the corners of my body..and the distorted parts...do they bother...and ..i stepped in..doing what i thought was good..., I ..kept my feet tapping and twidling and bouncing.,playing few tricks on my heavy bottom..the rhythm caught on with my big bones...and my body felt like a besotted rock star....and then it was no looking back...all through the class I for got how I looked in reality..:).
next part is awaited...;)


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