Picket Fences

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Love in times of gate keeping

Love is a potent medicine , without love what would the world be...without love what would become of human beings...we all tick because we have learnt love under various conditions and forms of life...
his name is sakhbir singh, like all men who guard the security desk he wears his gray suit and looks bland in his pale demeanor, around 40 and stout in the upper part of the torso...slightly hip, he has a humorous gait .
As the people walk in to the morning rush towards the gates...his face gets animated...
he seems to know each person in person...he goes
"hi Drake did u go for vacation"
Drake falls short of Hysteria",
"yes Mr Singh I did"
"how was it? did you take your girl friend ?"
singh winks knowingly
Drake smiles and waves at him while passing through the gate..
here comes Lewinsky the blond girl with big tits..
Singh rolls his eyes…his gesture suddenly changes to a dramatic posture
his semi baldhead and roving eyes gets focused..
" hey Lewinsky how a dee"
Lewinsky flirts "I'm good"
" how are you hon."
our singh man melts in his suite obviously happy he allows her to pass through the gate...and his looks follow her red floating skirt.
Marissa trails in with a high heel and strappy handbag, jokes with
Mr.Singh , Singh looks at her polished nails and long brushed lashes
Marissa hits him with her handbag…our Mr singh doesn't notice that she was 10 minutes late today... and third time in a row had forgotten to swipe her card...his hands had betrayed his senses...
I am for one thing is waiting to usher the guests to the 3rd floor get fixated to this whole ceremony of greeting.
MR singh doesn't let anyone pass without telling him tit bits of his or her life.
He commands an air of authority before he clicks those gates open...
they are under his mercy to spill the beans, until they give out those juicy details of their private life... he pokes at their sensibilities, humors them, flirts and sports a casual conversational mode...
I watch each person with various nationalities bow down to his lust for information, they grin and bare, make small talk,
I doubt that some fabricate exotic stories for him...
I feel the sense of power in his position as a security guard...it's nothing less than an Army commander or a prime minister...he controls almost 1000 employees per day and knows each minute details of their life?
or is it a sense of being desi and curious?
he is helpful indeed.., he looks at me between intervals...and questions...
"are u from India"
I brighten up
he doesn't seem too amused
"where are you from"
"oh I am from Punjab"
"are u a south Indian"
"I am"
"I have been to Bangalore"
he looks disinterested for the rest of the afternoon...
I go up to my desk
when the evening shift gets over..I come down...
I see Mr Singh ..
he is flashing a leather jacket, a black helmet..a bunch of keys... a fancy bike next to him
" I was waiting for you" "why"
since you are desi I want to get to know you better..I'm Punjabi you know"
strange are the ways of "Punjabi kind of love.."


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