Picket Fences

Sunday, February 26, 2006


On the banks of a River,he kissed me gently, it was as if a soft breeze had passed my lips…
We had walked hands in hands many days on the green grass,watching the blue skies, swearing our love forever... ,Sanjay had visited me exactly twice on the campus, while he was travelling towards Ooty with his girl friend, though at that time I did not know that little secret of his.
I had pressed him for a commitment.…little did I know that what I really meant was that I wanted him to make love to me.
And in that moment of its very birth, our love would begin to die a slow death…
For my predicament would terrify Sanjay, he would begin to calculate my value in the Indian marriage market, he would begin to wonder whether I was an asset to him or a liability. I would discover during succeeding months that Sanjay was a rich boy who was spoilt and was on marijuana rehabilitation, that his mother had schizophrenia, and that he was a fickle person who lacked conviction of character.
So despondent that I would be at this knowledge…. That I would leave the campus without completing my post graduation, not having to see him again, breaking all contacts with him, he would follow me to my hometown on several occasions to offer me…not marriage, but a sordid rendezvous in a seedy motel inhabited by prostitutes, and I would accompany him there only to back out at the last moment. Eventually…I would agree to an arranged marriage…with a man I would never love…
But forever I would remember that afternoon on the banks of a river…and the possibility of love…


A Column called what is love inspired me- By Sarita Sarvate…I loved her style so with a little of my own fiction thrown in…I have presented this little piece on Valentine’s Day…hope u guys will enjoy it.


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