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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super bowl, Gandhi and kabie kushi kabhie gham..

Hey...I wanted to watch super bowl…what would i say if tomorrow at the office people talk about Steelers winning the bowl or Mic Jagger dancing like a little lady in tights? , So I switched on the TV...I did, honest to god...tried to watch super bowl and those enormous looking men with their long legs carrying a teeny weenie ball run like hungry animals to goal ...Yes, I did watch them falling over each other for the tiny ball. That ball did look funny…compared to the grotesque players...why don't they give them something of their own size?! I wondered lazily... and then…I switched to Sony TV...ball.. balle..!
kabhie kushi kabhi gham!!! I got glued to the screen , I forgot all about super bowl and chaos and the teeny weenie ball and of course those big men..
Besides the saga of love and hate and respect and all the Indian values was so overwhelming... beech mai my son was asking me..."mommy why do they show only love in Indian cinema"…"puttar...that's what is India all about"...he is doing his essay on Gandhi...Some loony white guy has written Gandhi's biography where he says that Gandhi failed thrice in high school... and learn't nothing but Fox trot in London to please the gurls...(god forbid- he actually failed all through...)and my son says…"mommy...He failed all the time in school": tch..."beta...that guy who has written the book doesn't know anything, leave that aside if he was so bad in school he wouldn't go to London and become a Barrister.."

I got upset...and he continued mulling over many contradictions to Mahatma..
I followed the movie...quite lamely until Kajol barged in on the screen.... wow balle balle...she looks like million dollars and acts like a Donkey!.
he unforgettable puppy love, the romance between kajol and Sharukh,...they look so perfect together and her Punjabi accent just right for the role. I got engrossed and almost didn’t think about super bowl.... it’s just magic to watch kajol morphing in to this character…well...I forgot her name there- lajjo? Something that sounds similar to that...and I just adored her every minute...how deliciously funny and natorious at the same time mmm…I don't care much for the American bowl nor to the Leggy men...hai mai India...and then I dissolved in to the Movie..


At 1:31 AM, Blogger Vc said...

her name was Anjali ..i mean Kajol.. sweetmeat shop chandni chowk...:)


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