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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tears full of eyes

Pintu’s hands crossed mommy’s with kind assurance. .mommy kissed his head softly and fondled him gently in to her womb...Pintu worried in his dreams that they were being dragged by a monster bike...mommy with her soft brown hair riding with this wicked man...all with black goggles and things… bikes fascinated him. He wasn’t okay with his little brother sitting close to mommy though…he kept thinking that the motorbike man would fart and the brother would switch places with him eventually..

Pintu could not dream further...Mommy was shaking him...”pintu time to get up.”.
Pintu thought “woteva”..you gotta do wot you gotta do..his eleven years old brain couldn’t function auxiliary for more profound thoughts like, where he had kept his tooth brush the last night while dealing with his much annoying gibberish brother.
Mommy was making Oatmeal. ” the same ol stuff” thought Pintu...he usually felt like a cow in the barn chewing oats radically…but mommy the immigrant she was, wouldn’t let him have more than what was required for health. Those colorful serial boxes he saw on the Key food.. . .aisle counter tops were his biggest dream...someday when he grows up he would reach for them…
Where was my godamn dad pintu thought loudly...why he isn’t home…Though he saw his dad pretty occasionally whenever he saw him it was a handful…Pintu would get all his desires accomplished while his brother kept whining..
Subtly Pintu would wonder why dad was never home why mom would cry often ..But beyond that he could only see that his mom was awesome fun...and dad slept most of the time when at home…When dad wasn’t home mom kept working as if her life depended on it...and she always spoke about savings and things...of course, he would like to go to collage Woteva that mean’s he thinks that it’s fun..
Pintu doesn’t sleep some days when mom has this vacant look in her eyes.. He has never seen his mom being friends with dad, she is so friends with us thought .--.him.
Why doesn’t dad talk to mom,it’s usually quiet at home but at times he could hear behind closed doors mom’s soft wailings dad’s screaming...Mom when she gets out has tearful of eyes.. .dad is fierce and mad. He doesn’t understand their talks on bills and money. All he wants is some peace. He thought... when he gets bigger and marries someone just like mom, he would not let the woman have tearful of eyes and those big beautiful eyes would always be happy…Pintu buttoned his shirt and took his bag ..mom was ready....and smiling brother was clutching to mom’s hands…he let that be...for today it’s okay...It doesn’t matter...until the wicked bike man doesn’t take away mom it just seems okay..


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Ardra said...

poignant- and liked the title-


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