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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

wah life hotho aisi..

It was when Shahid kapoor started jerking to the song pyar pyar e pyar pyar..and sanjay Dutt grinning silly in wah kya life hai- that I realized that I am on the edge of Uncle Hood.
Now I am sure the question “why” has risen in all of you regarding my statement, I should further explain to you how this enigma of age is catching up with me in terms of Hindi films.
As a teenager I visited cinehalls with my parents in tow, though my taste in movies was far more matured than that of a casual teen’s, my parents sulked every time I asked them out, they neither had enthusiasm nor the curiosity about movies.
They would say,
“ oh…we are done with all that prancing around the trees…”
I guess it’s about the age., as I have aged with Hindi films…I cannot relate to all that puppy love and crooning of maladies on the screen whether it is Shahid or some newcomer with tweaked hair,
Why only puppy love, I am not even turned on by any kind of love other than the
Love that brings some moolah and stability in characters.
Has my sensitivity towards love waned?
Is it cynicism? Indifference? Impotency?hippyism?…I watch Imran hashmi ..Pouncing on sherawat with such lust that even an old man ‘s libido would stand up...but nothing happens to mine…. I glare at the TV screen unperturbed…cold and emotionless…popping popcorns..in to my mouth..

Okay even when you readers out there are thinking what the heck, that is not love!


even the mushiest scenes from…Karan Johar’s or Manirathnam’s films
Wouldn’t jerk my tears.

I sit there like a Chicken hit by a dozen lightening…. am I tuning off to the emotions?

Just the other day I was watching Salaam Namasthe…I saw the crowd go gaga over preity and Saif’s battle...their rowdy love, their fights …and finally pregnancy..aww cho cuteeee…

“Nothing happened to me”

I was there like a stamped envelope forgotten to be posted….. Sans destination…where is love man? All I could care was his career…how silly…couldn’t he be more sensible before making all that love? I would choose this as the best abstinence propagation movie of the year…to be shown to my kids as part of Hindi movie staple…
My 25 years old son …mumbles..

”DAD…have you lost it? HAVE U LOST IT?”

I see naïve signs of beard growing on his smooth face…

Son…I have to look in to what I have lost…I slightly eye myself in the mirror...I wanted to tell him that there were days when young Sharukh had eloped with Kajol in Dulhaniya lejayenge..but then I was too young .and had also tried falling in love with someone on train …but it just wasn’t Kajol…and … Her father had chased me until I left the borders of Ghorakpur in an express train.
Besides I did not fight like Sharukh in real life…
How can I tell him that I had fallen heads over heels for Sridevi’s doleful eyes in Sadma and had looked for one like her in sanitariums...? That finally when she met Anilkapoor in “Lamhe” I was seething in jealousy as an older man…?
Now how can I confess my frivolities of youth to this angel faced young man? It would only break his heart…
His love and my love have grown apart over the years……….
That is when it struck me...it was like an awakening…. there were many youngsters there who enjoyed Shahid….screaming and mooning over him in the theaters. it’s like between them and me an entire generation is lost…perhaps.. I would be telling the same to my boys…” I ain’t gonna come with you to those pyar war shadi lafda”…
As a grown up I have appreciated certain type of love… … Down the lane there are some good stories in Hindi movies where love makes you cry…I have cried for love with Nassiruddin shah in Sparsh, Shabana Azmi in Arth, KK in Hazaron Khwahishe, Rajpal yadav in Pati patni our wo.. ”...
but as you age you tend to be less of a romantic and more of a pragmatic…some day you will realize that when you sit in front of a most fabled romantic movie you may not cry...Jaane bhi do yaaroan Zindagi isika naam hai.


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